standard-title DogSport® Product Details

DogSport® Product Details

“DogSport® improves the lifestyle of pet owners, as well as their pet’s health and well being.” -Hope Adams, Founder


Dimpled Water Ball Trap Technology


Our ‘Water Ball Trap Technology’ includes many benefits that separate us from any other products or solutions.

Controlled Water Flow

Squeeze your bottle according to the water flow you and your pet needs and desires.

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• Start the roller ball with your finger to alert your pet to drink.
• DogSport is made with the highest quality, non-toxic, sustainable plastic

The Story

Hi, I’m Hope Adams, the founder of DogSport®. I am a devoted mother to Handsome, who is my son in a furry suit. Having a pet, has always been a part of my life. One day while I was out and about, walking Handsome, so inconvenienced, with a bottle of water in one hand, and a cup in the other, a big mess, and a waste of water, I realized I needed to create something that would make life easier. That would improve the life style of pet owners, and their pet’s well-being. That is how DogSport® was created. DogSport® was born out of necessity. My need to keep Handsome hydrated while on the go.

More Product Details:

Dogsport® has produced its first product, a unique water bottle cap for dogs that is designed to provide a convenient, ready source of water while your dog is out of its environment. With Dogsport® you can keep your dog hydrated anytime easily.

• Dogsport® fits most standard water bottles. There are two standard size water bottles, the short neck, and the original neck, (same size as Pepsi & Coke). You just twist your water bottle cap off, and twist DogSport on. It’s so easy!

• If your Dogsport® doesn’t fit on one size water bottle, twist the blue bottom adapter off and then twist your dogsport on

• Dogsports are made with only the highest quality, non-toxic sustainable materials

• Dogsport® has a patent pending dimpled water ball trap technology with controlled water flow that allows you to easily hydrate your dog in any environment at any time easily.

• Each Dogsport® has a ring on the cap for you to attach to your keychain

• Dogsports are dishwasher safe

• Dogsport IS the New “DOG-SPORT- TOP”, a trend that will never go out of style!!